About Us

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"Discover Tap & Tandoor, your ultimate destination for an authentic Indian gastro pub experience, now in Solihull, Southampton, Peterborough, and Portsmouth. Specializing in an exquisite selection of craft beers, artisan cocktails, and traditional Indian cuisine, we offer a unique blend of small plates, succulent mixed grills, and homely curries.

Since opening in Solihull in 2018, and subsequent expansions to Peterborough in 2019, Southampton in 2022, and Portsmouth in 2024, Tap & Tandoor has been synonymous with quality and innovation. We reimagine the classic British pub with an infusion of rich Indian heritage, creating a warm, inviting atmosphere for up to 150 guests.

Our commitment to local produce and suppliers is at the heart of our philosophy. We collaborate closely with local breweries to feature regional craft beers, ensuring a diverse and locally-inspired beer selection. Our kitchens pride themselves on using free-range meats for our popular charcoal-cooked mixed grills.

Experience a cocktail menu curated by top mixologists, where classic meets contemporary. From the timeless Manhattan and Old Fashioned to innovative Indian cuisine-inspired cocktails, every sip promises a memorable journey.

More than just a dining venue, Tap & Tandoor offers private areas perfect for business meetings, celebrations, or watching sports games. Enjoy our table service and curated halftime food orders, all in a relaxed, family-friendly atmosphere.

Visit us for a casual dining experience like no other, where the fusion of quality beers, exceptional Indian food, and a cozy pub ambiance awaits. Tap & Tandoor – where tradition meets innovation. We look forward to welcoming you soon!"